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The book reveal the SECRETS about choosing the right Physical Therapy place. The Free book has 10 chapter and 39 pages of valuable information about Physical Therapy, Pain, and understanding insurance coverage.

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Book introduction

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This Physical book explains causes and treatment in detail with picture illustrations. The book teaches you to treat but if you need our expert help, we are happy to provide it. 

Will Physical Therapy help

This chapter reveals the classification of pain to let you know if physical therapy be beneficial or not.

10 things to know before selecting a PT place

This chapter helps you choose the right clinic for your physical therapy needs.

The patients guide to understanding insurance

This chapter gives an explanation of common facts about how insurance works.

Patient education and self-management

This chapter teaches you how to self treat so you do not have to relay on the experts every little thing.

Is sitting the new smoking

This chapter gives information about maintaining proper posture and the importance of movement.

Dr. J Peruvingal PT, DPT

Founder and Director

Healing Touch Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation P.C.

About the Author

I never had a lemonade stand or paper route, and never been a business man. Walking home from Martin Van Buren high school in Queens village, N.Y. Whenever I see a mature person mowing the grass or shoveling snow I would say “take a break, I got it”. I never took any money from them until it was forced upon me. Very few people took advantage of my good nature but majority didn’t. Word got around the neighborhood fast that I was the go to kid for anything that needs to be done around the house. Years later when I graduated from P.T school and started to look for a job-goal of every employer was to keep the patient as long as they can so maximum money can be milked from insurance companies! Of course I vowed against that so I had to open my own practice at age 25 instead of going to clubs. The only marketing I had was word of mouth and it is still remaining as the central part after 18 years!.

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